VinFast Partners with Mobivia in Europe

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VinFast Auto has recently expanded its aftersales service network in France and Germany by partnering with Mobivia, a prominent European automotive service provider. This strategic alliance ensures VinFast electric vehicle owners will benefit from the extensive services offered by Mobivia’s expansive network. The collaboration aims to enhance customer confidence and support VinFast’s growth in the European electric vehicle market.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive aftersales services: VinFast owners in France and Germany now have access to over 1,200 Mobivia service centers.
  • Expert maintenance and warranty support: Mobivia will manage warranty processes and maintenance for VinFast vehicles, ensuring high standards.
  • Focus on electric vehicle support: Mobivia provides specialized training for electric vehicle maintenance, aligning with the shift towards eco-friendly transportation.
  • Enhanced customer experience: The partnership emphasizes customer satisfaction and sustainable mobility in the European market.

Mobivia, with a legacy of over 50 years in the automotive service industry, is accelerating its transition towards electric mobility. This cooperation with VinFast is a part of Mobivia’s broader initiative to adapt to the rapidly changing automotive landscape, especially focusing on electric vehicles. The company offers a specialized maintenance package for electric vehicles and continues to enhance the skills of its technicians through focused training programs in France and Germany.

The commitment to sustainable mobility is evident as Mobivia also operates a research and development center that advances the capabilities of its network. “VinFast strongly believes that Mobivia’s extensive after-sales service network and skilled technical team will bolster customer confidence in the VinFast brand, ensuring an unparalleled experience for our European customers,” stated Mr. Jean-Christophe Mercier, Vice-President Aftersales and Customer Ownership Experience at VinFast Europe.

Mr. Alain Flipo, CEO of Mobivia Fleet Solutions and Partnerships, highlighted the partnership’s alignment with sustainable practices: “Mobivia is proud to support the deployment of VinFast in Europe by providing maintenance and repair services for these electric vehicles.”

About VinFast and Mobivia: VinFast, part of Vingroup, was established in 2017 and rapidly positioned itself as a key player in the global electric vehicle industry with its advanced manufacturing capabilities in Vietnam. Mobivia, with a robust portfolio of brands and startups, champions sustainable and innovative mobility solutions across Europe.

Further Expansion: Beyond Europe, VinFast is actively exploring opportunities in Asia and other regions, strengthening its global presence and commitment to sustainable mobility.

For more information on VinFast and Mobivia’s services and commitments, visit their websites at and

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