VinFast VF 9 Outperforms Initial Range Estimates

VinFast has unveiled the EPA-certified battery ranges for its VF 9 model, boasting 330 miles for the Eco trim and 291 miles for the Plus trim on a full charge. These ranges surpass the company’s preliminary estimates, highlighting VinFast’s dedication to enhancing product quality and optimizing customer experience.

Why It Matters

This impressive certified range positions the VF 9 as a competitive player in the all-electric SUV market. With more consumers transitioning to electric vehicles, range efficiency is a paramount factor in purchasing decisions. VinFast’s achievement underscores its commitment to innovation and fulfilling consumer needs.

Key Points

  • VF 9 Overview: A full-size, seven-seater all-electric SUV priced at $83,000 USD for the Eco model and $91,000 USD for the Plus model.
  • Design and Performance: The vehicle boasts a contemporary exterior crafted by Pininfarina, focusing on aerodynamic efficiency. Inside, passengers can enjoy a sophisticated design coupled with the latest technology. The electric motor delivers a maximum of 300kW (equivalent to 402 horsepower) and a peak torque of 620Nm.
  • Features: It comes standard with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) offering level 2 features. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a suite of Smart Services (intelligent utility and entertainment applications) that are updated regularly.
  • Global Availability: After serving the Vietnamese market, the VF 9 is now open for global reservations and is slated for North American deliveries in Q4, 2023.
  • CEO Statement: Global CEO of VinFast, Madam Le Thi Thu Thuy, stated, “VinFast remains dedicated to delivering top-tier products, competitive pricing, and unmatched aftersales services globally. The VF 9’s impressive 330-mile battery range reinforces our commitment to creating high-caliber vehicles.”
  • Warranty: A comprehensive warranty is offered, covering 10 years/125,000 miles for the vehicle and a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty for the battery. Additionally, mobile repair and rescue services are included during the warranty tenure.

Bottom Line

VinFast’s VF 9, with its remarkable battery range and rich feature set, is poised to make waves in the all-electric SUV market. The company continues to prioritize customer satisfaction, innovation, and global expansion. The stated MSRP is subject to change based on VinFast’s discretion.


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