Vitesco Technologies Unveils New Power Module

Vitesco Technologies, a frontrunner in modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, has unveiled an innovative power module. Developed using the transfer molding process, the power electronics of the module are encased under a protective dielectric material. This construction ensures an extremely sturdy, cost-efficient, and reliable product.

Why It Matters

This breakthrough technology, characterized by its overmolded half-bridges, is crucial for the core of an inverter system in high-voltage electric vehicles. It is responsible for regulating drive energy and recuperation (recuperation) within these vehicles. As electric vehicles become increasingly prevalent, innovations like these are pivotal in advancing the industry and enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of e-mobility solutions.

Key Points

  • The power module is built using overmold technology, resulting in a notably robust product.
  • The Nuremberg electronics plant, with a core focus on e-mobility, will spearhead the technology’s introduction.
  • Delivery of the power modules to a major global car manufacturer is slated for mid-2025.
  • Vitesco Technologies has employed transfer molding technology since 2020, previously utilizing it in compact Transmission Control Units.
  • The power modules integrate state-of-the-art silicon carbide (SiC) chip technology with overmolding, providing increased power density, reduced costs, and lighter weight.
  • Thomas Stierle, a board member and head of Vitesco Technologies’ Electrification Solutions division, emphasized the company’s strategic approach in leveraging the scalability and modularity of their power electronics.

Bottom Line

Vitesco Technologies, now in its fourth generation of power electronics, is broadening its strategic product range with the new overmold power module. With the Nuremberg site identified as the leading plant for these modules, Vitesco’s commitment to automation, electronics, and e-mobility is evident. This development is a significant stride towards the “Plant of the Future” vision for the Nuremberg plant, ensuring its global competitiveness.


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