Volta Trucks expands TaaS Hub network in Europe

What’s Happening: Volta Trucks, a major all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider, has announced the expansion of its Truck as a Service (TaaS) Hub network in Europe. The company will open two new sites in Duisburg, Germany, and Madrid, Spain, to provide comprehensive customer support, training, maintenance, and servicing to the trucks operating in those markets.

Why It Matters: The expansion of Volta Trucks’ TaaS Hub network is a critical step towards delivering a turnkey solution for customers and partners switching to an electric fleet. The new hubs will provide easy access to charging infrastructure, as well as training and support for drivers, sales teams, technicians, and fleet operators. The move also supports the company’s mission to accelerate the switch to all-electric commercial vehicles, which are crucial in reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

Key Points:

  • The new Volta Trucks Hub in Duisburg, Germany, covers 3,000m² and includes eight service and maintenance bays, twelve external truck parking spaces, a showroom, office space, conference rooms, and the Volta Trucks Academy.
  • The new Volta Trucks Hub in Madrid, Spain, covers an area of around 2,500m² and includes eight truck parking spaces, four workshop bays, a showroom, administration offices, a customer call center, and the Volta Trucks Academy.
  • The Madrid and Duisburg Hubs will be equipped with a range of chargers strategically installed to meet the charging needs of the Volta Zero alongside other LCVs and passenger cars.
  • The TaaS solution delivers competitive total cost of ownership and vehicle uptime, de-risking and accelerating the switch to the all-electric Volta Zero.

Bottom Line: Volta Trucks’ expansion of its TaaS Hub network in Europe is a positive step towards supporting the transition to all-electric commercial vehicles. The company’s turnkey solution offers a comprehensive package of training, support, and infrastructure to help customers and partners confidently switch to an electric fleet.


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