Volta Trucks to Debut All-Electric Volta Zero at ACT Expo in the US

What’s Happening: Volta Trucks, a leading all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, has confirmed the US launch and first public display of its all-electric Volta Zero at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, taking place between May 1-4 in Anaheim, California. The company is further developing its launch plans for the US market.

Why It Matters: The introduction of Volta Trucks’ all-electric commercial vehicles in North America signifies a major shift toward sustainable transportation solutions. The US launch will be led by the Class 6 and Class 7 Volta Zero in 2023, available with an ambient or refrigerated cargo box.

Key Points:

  • Volta Trucks will present a Class 7 Volta Zero design-verification prototype at the ACT Expo.
  • A US-based Driving Experience Program for fleet operators will launch in late 2023, allowing them to evaluate a Pilot Fleet of Volta Zeros in real distribution environments.
  • The Volta Zero is the first purpose-built all-electric medium-duty truck specifically designed for urban logistics, with a modular battery configuration and a range of 95-125 miles.
  • The vehicle is designed for safer roads, featuring a glasshouse-style cab with a 220-degree direct view around the vehicle and a lower, center-mounted driving position for eye-level connection with road users.
  • Class 5 and Class 6 Volta Zeros are scheduled to follow the Class 6 and Class 7 launch in 2026.
  • Volta Trucks offers an innovative ‘Truck as a Service’ (TaaS) proposition, which accelerates the adoption of electric commercial vehicles by delivering a frictionless and hassle-free way to electrify fleets.
  • The company will develop US-based ‘Volta Trucks Hubs’ for vehicle service and maintenance, located close to its customers’ logistics centers.

Bottom Line: Volta Trucks is set to introduce its all-electric Volta Zero in the US, aiming to transform the commercial transportation industry with sustainable, efficient, and safer vehicles. The company’s innovative TaaS proposition and plans to establish Volta Trucks Hubs will further support the adoption of electric vehicles by fleet operators.


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