Volta Trucks Unveils Electric Vehicle Assessment

Volta Trucks, a leading all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, has revealed the first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its pioneering 16-tonne Volta Zero vehicle. Distinctively, this evaluation covers the prototype, marking an unprecedented move in the commercial vehicle industry.

Why It Matters

Releasing a Life Cycle Assessment during the pre-production phase showcases Volta Trucks’ dedication to transparency in its sustainability journey. As climate concerns escalate, such transparent communication provides stakeholders with vital data on environmental impact, allowing for informed decisions and trust in the brand’s endeavors.

Key Points

  • The Life Cycle Assessment was executed by Ricardo, a prominent Global Environmental and Engineering firm.
  • The assessment gauges the Volta Zero’s carbon footprint from its production inception to eventual recycling and disposal.
  • Findings indicated:
    • The vehicle’s charging during the customer use phase accounts for the lion’s share of total lifetime emissions, at 62%.
    • Material extraction and processing are significant contributors as well, constituting 33% of emissions.
  • This initiative aligns with Volta Trucks’ aspiration to spearhead the zero-tailpipe emission commercial vehicle sector.

Bottom Line

The analysis serves as a compass for Volta Trucks, directing them towards potential sustainability enhancements in product vehicle creation, manufacturing plans, and overall business operations. With plans to further reduce supply chain emissions, extend the longevity of trucks and batteries, and conduct subsequent LCAs on full-series production vehicles, Volta is unwavering in its commitment. Dr. David Amienyo, Sustainability Principal at Volta Trucks, encapsulates the sentiment by asserting the company’s dedication to crafting the most sustainable product feasible to address the urgent climate crisis.


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