Volvo EX90 Secures Spot in 2023 Design Awards

The Volvo EX90, a fully electric flagship SUV from Volvo Cars, has secured its position as a finalist in the Automotive category of Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards 2023.

Why It Matters

The Innovation by Design Awards, spotlighted in Fast Company’s September 2023 issue, celebrate designers and businesses at the forefront of innovation. Now marking its 12th year, the awards are a testament to the expertise of blue-chip corporations, emerging startups, and promising young talents. Within the automotive realm, they emphasize safety, sustainability, and driving pleasure.

Key Points

  • The Volvo EX90 encapsulates three core aspects: safety, zero tailpipe emissions, and a serene drive, accommodating seven passengers.
  • Revealed on November 9, 2022, the EX90 is built on a dedicated electric platform, presenting a blend of practicality and full electrification. Features include:
    • A driving range of 300 miles free from tailpipe emissions.
    • A swift charging capability, reaching 10-80 percent within roughly 30 minutes.
    • Cutting-edge safety measures, surpassing any previous Volvo model.
    • An array of sensors, including a long-range lidar provided by Luminar, ensuring proactive responses to potential hazards.
    • A capacitive steering wheel paired with two camera-based gaze sensors, enhancing understanding of driver states, potentially preventing distracted or fatigued driving.
    • Pioneering hardware setting the stage for unsupervised driving in the future.

Bottom Line

The Volvo EX90 not only epitomizes Volvo Cars’ commitment to a fully electric future by 2030 but also sets a new benchmark in safety and sustainability. It is now open for pre-order in the United States via, with a starting price under $80,000. Manufacturing for the Americas-bound units will be anchored at the Charleston (Ridgeville), South Carolina plant.


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