Volvo Unveils New Design Studio in Shanghai, Bolstering Global Design Network

What’s Happening

Volvo has announced the opening of its state-of-the-art Design Studio Shanghai, joining existing studios in Gothenburg and Camarillo. Located in one of Asia’s most vibrant and creative cities, the Shanghai studio aims to become one of the most comprehensive design studios of global car brands in the region. The new facility is equipped with all the functions necessary for the entire design process, from concept to production.

Why It Matters

The Shanghai studio represents a strategic investment by Volvo in China’s automotive market and strengthens its long-term development plans in the country. The new design studio expands Volvo’s global design footprint and enhances collaboration across its three design studios worldwide, as the company aims to take its premium Scandinavian design to new heights.

Key Points

The Shanghai studio boasts impressive capabilities, including the ability to produce scale to full-size models for interior, exterior, color and material, as well as UX design. It features milling machines, 3D printers, and fully equipped workshops that enable efficient model production. The designers also have access to virtual reality environments to explore their designs in the virtual world.

Jeremy Offer, head of global design at Volvo, emphasized the importance of the Shanghai design team as an integral part of the company’s global design network. The new premises and the latest technologies facilitate better collaboration among the three design studios.

The architecture of the new design studio is a stunning blend of Scandinavian design heritage and East Asian influences. With an area of 5,500 square meters, it can accommodate over 100 designers and creative engineers. It features a grand 1,000 square meter show hall and an outdoor viewing garden.

Bottom Line

The opening of Volvo’s Design Studio Shanghai strengthens the company’s global design network and reinforces its strategic investment in China. The studio combines local expertise with a global footprint, as the Shanghai design team continues to deliver outstanding creative design for all projects. The Volvo EX90 Excellence, a limited edition, top-of-the-line variant of the all-electric flagship SUV, is a prime example of the team’s growing capabilities and competence.


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