Wallbox Pulsar Pro: Smart EV Charging Solution

Wallbox, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging technologies, has officially begun distributing the Pulsar Pro in North America, a state-of-the-art AC charger engineered for efficient use in shared environments such as multi-unit residential buildings and commercial venues. This latest innovation underscores Wallbox’s commitment to advancing smart, cost-effective charging solutions that cater to the growing demands of EV infrastructure in communal spaces.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of Pulsar Pro North America by Wallbox for shared EV charging.
  • Features RFID access, Dynamic Power Sharing, and compatibility with myWallbox software.
  • Designed to be durable and user-friendly, with a compact design and halo lighting.
  • Offers simplified installation and management for operators, with optional OCPP configuration.
  • Now available for order through Wallbox’s network in the United States.

In-depth Analysis:

Wallbox’s Pulsar Pro enriches the company’s award-winning lineup, introducing RFID-enabled authentication and Dynamic Power Sharing for up to 50 chargers. This ensures an intelligent, adaptable charging experience across multiple devices. The charger is designed for optimal performance in communal settings, integrating seamlessly with Wallbox’s proprietary software and third-party platforms via Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), making it a versatile option for various commercial requirements.

CEO Enric Asunción highlighted the charger’s aim to revolutionize EV charging in shared spaces, emphasizing reliability, cost-efficiency, and smart technology as core benefits. Pulsar Pro’s robust design is compliant with NEMA Type 4 standards, ensuring resistance to environmental factors, and is equipped with ISO 15118 readiness, indicating future-proof charging capabilities.

For installation and operational efficiency, Wallbox has positioned Pulsar Pro as a boon for installers and charge point operators. The device promises ease of installation, comprehensive remote management capabilities, and flexibility in payment and user access through Wallbox’s myWallbox business portal and partner API.

Erik Fogelberg, General Manager of North America at Wallbox, expressed enthusiasm for Pulsar Pro’s role in making EV charging universally accessible, especially for those in multifamily dwellings. The charger’s deployment across over 140 multifamily sites as part of a recent initiative in Washington State underscores its significance in the expanding EV infrastructure landscape.

Additional Insights:

Wallbox’s ongoing innovation is also exemplified by the launch of Supernova 180, a DC fast charger tailored for North American markets, marking another milestone in the company’s efforts to enhance fast charging capabilities.

About Wallbox:

A pioneer in EV charging and energy management solutions, Wallbox operates globally, offering a comprehensive range of products designed to integrate electric vehicles seamlessly into the daily lives of consumers and businesses. Since its inception in Barcelona in 2015, Wallbox has expanded its footprint worldwide, aiming to transform energy usage and promote sustainability.

For more details on Pulsar Pro and other Wallbox offerings, visit wallbox.com.

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