WattEV Gets $40.5M for Electric Truck Charging Depots Expansion

WattEV, the frontrunner in heavy-duty freight electrification, has received $40.5 million in grant funding to develop additional electric truck charging stations in Northern California and Oregon. This announcement comes right after launching their latest public charging depot for electric commercial trucks at the Port of Long Beach. The fresh capital has been earmarked for constructing a solar-powered truck charging depot near Sacramento International Airport and a grid-connected charging depot in Salem, Oregon.

Why It Matters

This funding comes at a crucial juncture as the company endeavors to expand its robust network of electric truck stops. The financial backing will help accelerate the U.S. trucking transport sector’s transition towards zero emissions. Moreover, the strategic locations of these new charging stations promise to enhance the efficiency of the ‘electric highway,’ with the potential to reduce air pollution substantially.

Key Points

  • WattEV has been granted a $34 million federal grant by the California Transportation Commission to erect a major electric charging depot, likely to be the largest of its kind, on a 100-acre site close to Sacramento International Airport.
  • The depot will feature 30 DC fast chargers, 90 high-power CCS-1 cords, and 18-megawatt cords for pass-through charging and is set to open in late 2025.
  • A $6.5 million grant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality will enable WattEV to construct a 6-acre EV charging depot in Salem, Oregon.
  • The depot in Oregon is expected to include 30 CCS 240 KW chargers and six MCS 1200 KW chargers and will be grid-connected with assistance from Portland General Electric.
  • The company’s vision is to expand its network from the Mexican border to Portland, Oregon, along the Interstate 5 corridor, often referred to as the ‘electric highway.’

Bottom Line

The grants, one from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Trade Corridor Enhancement Program” and the other from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, align with WattEV’s plan to create a network of electric truck charging depots. This is a major step in optimizing freight routes and bolstering the green energy supply for electric trucks. WattEV will match its grants with private capital to fund this infrastructure buildout, further emphasizing the private sector’s role in the shift toward clean energy and transportation. As WattEV extends its footprint, it offers substantial environmental benefits and reinforces the commitment to a low-carbon future.


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