Webinar: Bruker Technologies Spearheading Battery Innovation

On September 26, 2023, at 05:00 PM CEST | 11AM EDT, Bruker Technologies will host a webinar highlighting its role in shaping the battery industry’s future. The 75-minute discussion will delve deep into the captivating world of batteries, emphasizing Bruker’s innovative technologies and their applications in enhancing battery performance.

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Why It Matters

The exponential rise in electric vehicle demand and renewable energy storage emphasizes the critical need for efficient and sustainable energy storage solutions. As a leader in this arena, Bruker is consistently offering avant-garde solutions for battery research and manufacturing, contributing significantly to the journey towards a greener energy landscape.

Key Points

  • Webinar Focus: The event will shed light on Bruker’s latest technological advancements and how they can:
    • Optimize battery efficiency
    • Decrease production costs
    • Propel the transition to cleaner energy sources.
  • Key Learning Areas: Attendees will gain insights into a comprehensive suite of technologies for battery research and production, including AFM, NMR, EPR, MS, FTIR, XRD, XRF, XRM, RAMAN, TXRF, and EDS.
  • Target Audience:
    • Battery manufacturers and tech experts
    • R&D organizations
    • Academic institutions
    • Material science, electrochemical, and analytical chemistry organizations
    • Testing labs in battery R&D
    • Government bodies focused on renewable energy and sustainability
    • Investors in the battery market.

Bottom Line

Bruker Technologies, with its forward-thinking approach, is playing a pivotal role in the battery industry’s evolution, pushing technological boundaries to meet global energy demands. This webinar serves as a platform to explore Bruker’s contributions and learn from distinguished experts in the field, including Dr. Andrea Steck, Hugues Guérault, Peter De Wolf, Dr. Bob Galvin, Rebecca Keller, and Michele Gironda, all of whom boast impressive pedigrees in their respective domains.

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