Who is INDI EV? Head of Design Explains

INDI EV is the future of smart mobility. Created in Los Angeles, California in 2017, INDI EV specializes in the design of the next generation of electric vehicles. The company’s first model, INDI ONE, is a smart electric car with the sector’s first Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC), a high-end computer capable of AAA gaming. The INDI EV ecosystem contains a portfolio of game engine technology, content development, global publishing, mobile platforms, SIM cards, hardware, and VR products to support creative endeavors.

The company empowers drivers with the ‘You Do You’ mentality. Through thoughtful design and technology, it aims to expand the horizons of how your electric vehicle can support and enhance your life.

INDI EV saw a disconnect in the software experience when consumers transition from using their computers and phones to getting into their cars. An opportunity exists to bridge this gap and elevate what your vehicle can enable you to do with INDI ONE. The company see cars as more than just a mode of transportation, but as a device that can support and enhance your life.

Andre Hudson, Head of Design for INDI EV, shares an overview of who this start-up company is and what makes its electric vehicle different.

Hudson is an experienced engineering executive who has worked for some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers including General Motors and Hyundai.

Click HERE to learn more about the INDI ONE and this unique electric vehicle company.

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