Windrose Truck Passes Extreme Climate Tests

Windrose Technology, in a strategic collaboration with global sports goods retailer Decathlon and prominent logistics fleet Rokin, has recently concluded a rigorous 40-day test of its electric heavy-duty truck. This testing spanned over 10,000km under challenging high-temperature and high-altitude conditions.

Why It Matters

As the transportation sector moves towards greener and more sustainable alternatives, the resilience and efficiency of electric vehicles (EVs) under extreme environments become pivotal. The recent trial showcases Windrose’s commitment to ensuring its next-generation zero-emissions truck can meet and exceed industry standards and demands.

Windrose Truck Passes Extreme Climate Tests

Key Points

  • Collaboration: This intensive test was a combined effort with Decathlon and Rokin, the latter boasting a fleet of over 1,500 trucks.
  • Future Partnerships: Windrose and Decathlon aim to expand their collaboration. They’re considering mega-watt level fast charging at various Decathlon logistics parks, with a vision for scalable deployment in 2024.
  • Technical Specs: The Windrose electric truck boasts:
    • A targeted range of 600km with a full weight of 49 tons.
    • A rapid 800V high-voltage charging platform.
    • An industry-leading drag coefficient of 0.2755.
    • A redesigned chassis, powertrain, battery system, and interiors.
    • An L4 autonomy-ready drive-by-wire system.
  • Test Conditions: The truck underwent a battery of tests including:
    • Energy consumption, driving and braking performance, and air conditioning functionality in temperatures ranging from 43 to 48 degrees Celsius.
    • High-altitude challenges from 2,800 to 4,700 meters, assessing air compression and system tightness.

Bottom Line

Windrose Technology’s electric heavy-duty truck has proven its mettle by successfully navigating rigorous high-altitude and high-temperature conditions. This achievement, in tandem with the company’s deepening partnerships, suggests that Windrose is poised for a significant industry impact when its trucks roll out in 2024.


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