Workhorse Starts W56 Electric Vehicle Chassis Production

Workhorse Group Inc., a leading American technology firm championing the shift to zero-emission commercial vehicles, has commenced the production of the W56 chassis for its electric vehicle at its Union City, Indiana facility.

Why It Matters

This development marks a significant leap for Workhorse, as the W56 represents the Company’s inaugural fully architected Class 5/6 chassis platform, specifically constructed from scratch for its intended purpose. Workhorse CEO Rick Dauch expressed, “With the first W56 chassis coming to life in Union City, we’ve achieved a pivotal benchmark in our product journey. The W56‘s advanced specifications make it a potent growth catalyst in our efforts to hasten the adoption of commercial electric vehicles.”

Key Points

  • The W56 chassis platform is a testament to the Company‘s vision for a greener transportation future.
  • Advanced features of the W56 are already generating considerable customer intrigue.
  • Workhorse anticipates securing substantial purchase orders for the W56 in the upcoming fourth quarter.
  • Attributes of the W56 include:
    • Zero-emission work van design.
    • Maximum payload capacity nearing 10,000 pounds.
    • Range extending to 150 miles.
    • Expansive 1,000+ cubic foot cargo space, coupled with a convenient step-in and a broad cabin door.
    • Ergonomic cabin layout prioritizing driver safety and comfort.

Bottom Line

Production of the complete W56 step vans is slated to kick off later this September. Additionally, Workhorse aims to dispatch high-quality demo units to premier fleet operators at the dawn of the fourth quarter. This step further cements the Company’s commitment to shaping the future of the commercial vehicle industry with environmentally responsible solutions.


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