Company awarded for revolutionary technology for lithium-ion batteries

ORLANDO, Fla. – Taking other people’s trash and waste batteries and turning them into power has won X-BATT the Voltage Award from the Battery Innovation Center (BIC).

The Voltage Award recognizes an emerging company and technology that shows the highest potential to make a difference in batteries and electrification. The event hosted over 200 individuals representing startups to Fortune 500 companies involved in the energy storage space.

Each year, demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to grow by 25 percent resulting in 14x growth by 2030. X-BATT®, a joint venture of Semplastics and the advanced materials technology company X-MAT®, has a disruptive technology that can help meet this demand in an eco-friendlier way. The company’s patented technology uses impure recycled graphite, coal, and other carbon sources to support the domestic anode material supply chain, helping the United States reduce reliance on foreign countries for the critical materials necessary to meet the increased demand for electrification.

“What we are doing with this technology to support electric vehicle batteries is revolutionary” said Bill Easter, CEO of X-BATT® & X-MAT. “I expect that we will be able to use this technology to make a lasting impact across the lithium-ion battery industry especially as the demand for electric vehicles continues to expand.”

X-BATT technology continues to evolve, it now has produced data from Single Layer Pouch Cells that have reached over 2,000 cycles, outperforming cells containing industry-standard materials. Currently, large format pouch cell testing is underway at the BIC and testing performance in 18650 Cylindrical Cells is scheduled to be initiated by the end of 2022.

X-BATT has recently been granted a U.S. Patent (US 11,335,962 B2). This is one of several issued patents that support their innovative technologies. The granted patent covers several important technologies that incorporate recycled or contaminated materials from electric vehicle or consumer electronic lithium-ion batteries into high-performance anode composites that can be reintegrated back into the supply chain. This includes graphite and other materials that have reached end of life or come from production scrap generated from the battery manufacturing process.

X-BATT® has been able to successfully utilize this patented technology across various contaminated materials and with the help of the Battery Innovation Center in Newberry, IN have been able to demonstrate and validate significant performance improvements in Single Layer Pouch Cells.