Xos Launches Over-the-Air Updates for Commercial Vehicles

Xos, Inc. has successfully rolled out its first over-the-air (OTA) updates for the 2023 Xos SV Stepvans, marking a significant advancement in the commercial electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Why It Matters

Traditionally, comprehensive OTA updates have been confined to consumer electric vehicles. By pioneering this shift in the commercial EV space, Xos showcases its commitment to innovation and ensures the delivery of improved features, performance, and user experience to its commercial vehicle users.

Key Points

  • The 2023 Xos SV Stepvan, a part of Xos’s newest electric commercial vehicle lineup, is equipped with enhanced capabilities, including the ability to receive OTA updates.
  • These updates allow the company to introduce new vehicle features, refine powertrain performance, and enhance charging mechanisms.
  • Integrated telematics control units facilitate the OTA updates and diagnostics, empowering Xos to swiftly and efficiently resolve charging or operational issues swiftly and efficiently.
  • A noteworthy recipient of the inaugural OTA updates is a stepvan operated by a major parcel and delivery company. The update was primarily geared towards refining the charging compatibility with existing third-party chargers at the client’s facility.

Bottom Line

Xos is trailblazing in the commercial EV sector by offering full-vehicle OTA updates. Saleh Heydari, Vice President of Software Engineering at Xos, expressed the company’s enthusiasm, stating, “This is a major milestone for the industry, and we are proud to be leading the way in providing our customers with the most advanced and reliable electric vehicles on the market.”


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