ZEEKR to Introduce Luxury Electric Vehicles to European Market

What’s Happening: Electric mobility technology brand ZEEKR announced at the 2023 Shanghai Motor Show that it will launch its advanced intelligent luxury electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe, marking a major milestone in the company’s global expansion plans. The first models to be introduced are the flagship ZEEKR 001 luxury shooting brake and the ZEEKR X urban SUV, which will debut in Sweden and the Netherlands in late 2023.

Why It Matters: The expansion into Europe signifies a significant step in the brand’s mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility worldwide. The European market has shown increasing interest in EVs, and ZEEKR’s entry will provide customers with more options for luxury electric vehicles, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.

ZEEKR to Introduce Luxury Electric Vehicles to European Market

Key Points:

  • The ZEEKR 001 and ZEEKR X are built on the EV-focused SEA architecture, offering a balance of design, technology, driving dynamics, performance, safety, long range, and fast charging.
  • The brand’s vehicles are developed with a human-centric philosophy, aiming to enhance the driving experience while providing advanced connectivity and over-the-air software updates.
  • The vehicles were developed at ZEEKR’s Global Design and R&D centers in Gothenburg, Sweden, by a European team of over 1,500 engineers and designers.
  • The company has already sold over 93,000 units of its first electric vehicle, the ZEEKR 001, since its launch two years ago.
  • The company’s European headquarters will be located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • ZEEKR will address European consumers’ concerns about charging, range, reliability, and residual values through a comprehensive one-stop-shop approach that includes financing, insurance, charging, and connectivity solutions.
  • The company’s Intelligent factories ensure high vehicle quality using a state-of-the-art 5G+ control system and AI technology to quickly identify and correct any defects or deviations.

Bottom Line: ZEEKR’s expansion into the European market highlights the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable mobility worldwide. With a strong focus on quality, design, and customer experience, ZEEKR’s entry into Europe is expected to further drive the adoption of electric vehicles in the region and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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