ZEVX Inc. Unveils OpenZEVX

Leading intelligent EV systems provider ZEVX Inc. introduces OpenZEVX, a powerful fleet management tool for commercial EV powertrains and e-mobility solutions, aimed at optimizing performance, enhancing safety, and reducing costs.

What’s Happening

ZEVX Inc., a global frontrunner in smart EV technologies, has officially rolled out OpenZEVX, its innovative SaaS fleet management software engineered specifically for battery electric powertrains and e-mobility applications. This robust system will be available in four distinct packages: ZEVXdev, ZEVXpress, ZEVXpower, and ZEVXcommand™.

Why It Matters

OpenZEVX revolutionizes how fleet managers oversee commercial EV powertrains and charging systems. By leveraging a suite of sophisticated tools and predictive capabilities, this novel software provides detailed insights and dynamic control over vehicle systems. This not only optimizes battery performance but also improves driving profiles. The result is an immediate enhancement in total cost of ownership (TCO), operational control, and asset fidelity, yielding maximum efficiencies at the depot level.

Key Points

ZEVXdev and ZEVXpress, two of the offered packages, have integral features such as API access for third-party developers and real-time telematics data for efficient route planning. They also offer driver performance optimization and vehicle health analysis, along with detailed monthly performance reports, charging expense reporting, and a mobile app for fleet managers.

Other noteworthy features include predictive service reporting, Over-the-Air (OTA) service updates and enhancements, and a framework designed to seamlessly integrate future products and technologies.

Bottom Line

ZEVX Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer, Jim Maury, expressed his excitement about OpenZEVX. “We empower fleet managers to better optimize vehicle performance, enhance driver safety, reduce costs, and ultimately unlock the full potential of their energy transition to intelligent battery electric systems,” he stated. This pioneering software is a stepping stone toward a greener future by aiding in the removal of toxic CO2 and NOX from fleet operations.

With its fast-paced innovation in battery electric power systems and data intelligence for e-mobility applications, ZEVX promises a transformational shift toward zero-carbon commercial fleets. The company’s mission is customer-centric, operating through an extensive partner network that includes existing automotive service infrastructure and top-tier fleet management companies.


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