Alan Mann Racing Debuts Electric Mustang Classic

Alan Mann Racing (AMR), a globally acclaimed classic racing car team based in the UK, has announced the release of a revamped 1960s Ford Mustang. This classic design now boasts a state-of-the-art electric powertrain and a contemporary chassis.

Why It Matters

In a world rapidly shifting towards sustainable transportation, AMR’s move signifies a bridging of the past and future. By retaining the iconic design of the Mustang and integrating modern electric technology, it exemplifies the possibilities of uniting classic car nostalgia with today’s green initiatives.

Alan Mann Racing Debuts Electric Mustang Classic

Key Points

  • The Mustang has been transformed with a powerful electric powertrain, regenerative braking, and a modernized chassis.
  • Vehicles can either be provided by owners for conversion or sourced by AMR.
  • Mann ePower Cars, a US-based associate, will ensure similar quality and specifications for international customers.
  • The “ePower Mustang” is the pioneer of the Alan Mann Legacy model line, hinting at more innovative releases in the pipeline.

Bottom Line

As environmental regulations tighten and the automotive world evolves, AMR’s decision to step into the era of electrification ensures the continued relevance and admiration of classic vehicles. Their ePower Mustang is not only a testament to innovation but also a beacon for the future of classic car adaptations in the age of electric vehicles.


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