Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils Limited-Production Pure Electric Montage Coupe

IRVINE, Calif. – Alpha Motor Corporation has just launched its stunning Montage Electric Coupe. The limited-production Montage Coupe will be available via private sale as an exclusive custom-built special-construction electric vehicle.

“As we achieve milestones along our roadmap to mass production, opportunities are created to build special vehicles. Montage was created to bring people together to support electrification,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

“Our electric cars are not built to feel electronic, and Montage is a testament to the EV revolution. Alpha is a collective vision to Move Humanity,” continued Alpha Motor Corporation

Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils Limited-Production Pure Electric Montage Coupe

Alpha DNA

Montage will undergo US limited production as special construction vehicles. Montage is planned to be built on a custom-built electric vehicle platform constructed from ground up using Alpha’s proprietary development process involving advanced Computer-Aided Development (CAD).

Since Alpha’s inception, the company’s sustainability initiative aimed to reach beyond electrification of cars to the implementation of manufacturing solutions that significantly reduce the carbon footprint of industrialization.

“Have you ever experienced a song that changed the world? We are committed to do exactly that by bringing our vehicles to the market and by innovating the process we undertake to build them,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.


Special Power

Montage is planned to be equipped with an optional custom-built Electric Drive Unit (EDU). The custom-built EDU is estimated to generate a powerful 3,335Nm of torque and 150kW of power. The gearbox features a 2-stage spur with differential and configured to perform above 92% peak efficiency.

“Montage comes with a powerful electric motor option that is custom-built. It is our intention to integrate electric vehicle technology that is one-of-a-kind today but may eventually be widely accessible in the future as a unique part of the ownership experience,” said Alpha Motor Corporation.

Montage is planned to be equipped with a custom-built lithium-ion battery pack with an estimated 250 miles of range. The vehicle will feature an onboard charger with fast charging capability, electronic steering, independent suspension, and performance disc brakes.

Vehicle Dimensions

Montage dimensions measure 1384mm (54in) tall, 1850mm (73in) wide, and 4400mm (173in) long. The vehicle comes equipped in wide performance tires with side walls dressed in white and mounted on exquisitely crafted polished metal wire wheels.

Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils Limited-Production Pure Electric Montage Coupe


Montage was unveiled in a refined metallic silver paint called ‘Time Machine.’ The structure of Montage is a tear drop shaped cabin with fender blisters mounted on the body side. The result is an elegant profile accented by chrome ornamentations. The center spine of the hood features Alpha’s triangular mark in a refined metal finish.


Montage features 2 full-size doors which provide entry to plush seating for 2 passengers with extra space for storage in the rear compartment and underneath the hood. The vehicle interior integrates advanced features, including a driver-centric digital speedometer, haptic audio controls, and a digital sound system.

Alpha Motor Corporation Unveils Limited-Production Pure Electric Montage Coupe

Plush Comfort

The interior seating of Montage will feature top-grade leathers from Spinneybeck. Spinneybeck is committed to working with the highest quality of sustainable and biodegradable materials. The company’s approach to sustainable design considers all of the parts and pieces of the supply chain and manufacturing processes.

“Spinneybeck introduced full grain, aniline dyed Italian leathers to North America in 1962. Over the decades, this company has evolved from solely a leather supplier for upholstery and aircraft interiors to a manufacturer of pioneering architectural products with a focus on natural materials. The extensive product line now includes sculptural wood and acoustic cork which prove that sustainability, beauty, and performance can go hand in hand,” said Spinneybeck.

Alpha Motors

Distinguished Materials

Shawmut Corporation has joined forces with Alpha to bring forth the latest in eco-conscious CMF (Color, Materials, Finish) solutions. The Montage features innovative materials in sustainability from Shawmut – Neoluxe™ and Spacer Knit™. The interior ambience is elevated by Shawmut’s luxurious and recyclable materials which are made from single-component recycled fibers.

Neoluxe™ captures the plush texture of suede with a carbon footprint reduction of 50% and is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional urethane-based faux suedes. Soft, inviting, and rich in color, Neoluxe™ provides exquisite satisfaction to the hand and eye.

Spacer Knit™ offers dimensionality and texture unique to automotive interiors. Its breathable knit structure is incredibly lightweight and minimizes the need for foam applications which further reduces the carbon footprint.

“Shawmut is excited to bring our very best in innovative interior materials to Alpha. We share their vision to take these components to the next level of recyclability and carbon footprint reduction, while also saving weight from traditional materials,” said Mollie Engel, Vice President of Design and Development for Shawmut Corporation.


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