AT&T & Rivian Go Electric, Partner for Smart & Sustainable Fleet

AT&T and Rivian team up for a greener future with electric vehicles and advanced connectivity, setting a new standard for sustainable transportation.

In a strategic partnership driving towards environmental responsibility and innovation, AT&T and Rivian have announced a new collaboration. AT&T will pilot Rivian’s electric vehicles (EVs) in its fleet, starting in 2024, while becoming the exclusive connectivity provider for all Rivian vehicles in the U.S. and Canada. This partnership marks a significant step in both companies’ commitment to sustainability and shaping the future of smart, connected transportation.

Key Takeaways:

  • AT&T pilots Rivian EVs to reduce emissions and explore new paths in its electrification journey.
  • AT&T becomes exclusive connectivity provider for Rivian vehicles in North America, enabling smarter and safer driving experiences.
  • Partnership highlights both companies’ dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation in the transportation sector.

AT&T Revving Up its Electrification Journey

AT&T’s commercial fleet plays a crucial role in connecting customers across the country. By integrating Rivian’s Commercial Van and R1 vehicles into its fleet, AT&T aims to:

  • Reduce carbon footprint: Aligning with its carbon neutrality goal by 2035, AT&T expects to significantly decrease fleet emissions through this pilot program.
  • Improve safety: Rivian’s Commercial Van prioritizes safety with features like automatic emergency braking and 360-degree visibility.
  • Reduce costs: Rivian’s in-house software stack optimizes fleet management and lowers total ownership costs.

AT&T & Rivian: A Connected Path to Sustainability

Beyond the EV pilot program, AT&T’s exclusive connectivity partnership with Rivian unlocks a world of possibilities for smart and connected vehicles. Through AT&T’s network, Rivian vehicles will benefit from:

  • Over-the-air software updates: Continuous improvements and new features enhance the driving experience for Rivian customers.
  • Advanced safety features: Real-time connectivity enables features like emergency response and remote diagnostics.
  • Seamless data transfer: Vehicles stay connected for efficient fleet management and improved operational efficiency.


  • Hardmon Williams, SVP, AT&T Connected Solutions: “We’re excited to purchase Rivian EVs for our fleet. This pilot is another important step in our ongoing efforts toward sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and embracing a cleaner future for our operations.”
  • Dagan Mishoulam, VP, Strategy & Fleet at Rivian: “We couldn’t be happier to collaborate with AT&T as we work together to help cut emissions and protect our environment. Our category defining vehicles offer some of the most advanced technology in the sector and are continually improved through over-the-air updates. We’re very much looking forward to expanding our relationship with AT&T to help them achieve their climate goals.”

Looking Ahead

The AT&T and Rivian partnership signifies a pivotal moment in the transportation industry’s transition towards a more sustainable future. By combining their expertise in connectivity and electric vehicle technology, both companies are paving the way for a cleaner, smarter, and more connected driving experience for everyone.


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