Autel Energy Unveils Powerful European AC Charger

Autel Energy, a top-tier electric vehicle charger producer, has launched the MaxiCharger AC Ultra in Europe. This IEC-certified, dual-socket commercial AC charger is recognized as the globe’s most formidable AC charger, now accessible with European standard specifications, boasting a 22-kilowatt capacity.

Why It Matters

Kelvin Cao, Autel Energy’s Vice President of Global Marketing, notes: “MaxiCharger AC Ultra stands as the paramount AC charger in the world, with the capability to dispense 22 kilowatts of power to two vehicles simultaneously. This design caters ideally to businesses desiring an efficient and stylish EV charging solution for their workforce, clientele, and visitors.”

Key Points

  • Features & Specifications:
    • OCPP compliant.
    • Equipped with an eight-inch LCD touchscreen.
    • IP54-rated casing, ensuring durability.
    • Offers RFID card reading and added customizability, such as a credit card reader, pedestal, energy gauges, and logo customization opportunities.
  • Revenue Avenues:
    • Businesses can harness various revenue streams via Autel’s cloud-centric portal.
    • Opportunities include offering charge rate reductions based on user profiles or driver categories, and the potential for advertising monetization.
    • Applicable sectors range from fleets and schools to apartment complexes, parking space proprietors, and housing committees.
    • The cloud portal allows operators to define driver groups, decide on monetization strategies, and opt for free, discounted, or full-price charging schemes.
  • User Interaction:
    • The eight-inch touchscreen facilitates promotional content such as branded visuals or adverts from third-party businesses.
    • The interactive IK10 LCD showcases crucial charging statistics like expense, power output, energy utilized, and total charging duration in multiple dialects.
    • Payment methods are diverse, accommodating the Autel Charge app, credit card terminals, and RFID cards.

Bottom Line

The MaxiCharger AC Ultra underscores Autel Energy’s commitment to advancing the EV charging industry, presenting an optimal combination of power, functionality, and user experience. Whether for individual businesses or larger fleets, the MaxiCharger offers scalable solutions via its cloud platform, ensuring adaptability and efficiency in a growing EV market.


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