B–ON Celebrates Milestone with 250 Million Miles of Deliveries on their Electric Commercial Vehicles

Global electric vehicle leader, B–ON, celebrates a significant achievement: their electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) covering 250 million miles of deliveries, a testament to their commitment to sustainable transportation.

What’s Happening

B–ON, an international pioneer in electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) production, is celebrating six years of scale production. The company’s fleet, consisting of 23,000 vehicles, has cumulatively travelled 250 million miles, equivalent to approximately 10,000 trips around the globe. The vehicles have been instrumental in delivering more than 500 million packages across Europe and Asia.

Why It Matters

These milestones highlight B–ON’s commitment to fostering sustainability in the commercial vehicle space. Throughout its operations, B–ON has managed to save over 75,000 tonnes of CO2, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of delivery services. As the EV industry expands, B–ON’s achievements underscore the viability and efficacy of electric vehicles in large-scale, commercial operations.

Key Points

Originally part of a German university project known as StreetScooter and subsequently purchased by Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL), B–ON began mass-producing its all-electric delivery vans in 2017. The company experienced immense growth, expanding its fleet to more than 20,000 vehicles and striking deals with companies in the UK and Japan. Following an agreement with DPDHL in 2022, B–ON introduced a suite of services to facilitate fleet owners’ transition to EVs, developed an innovative business model, and scaled its product to new markets. Today, B–ON offers a homologated, optimized product ready for immediate use.

Bottom Line

In its first year, B–ON reported a staggering $125 million in revenue, delivered almost 3,000 vehicles, and partnered with Karma Automotive to penetrate the US market. Key collaborations with EO Charging and International Motors in the UK have further solidified B–ON’s position, providing unprecedented energy access and a robust distribution network. “The EV revolution is upon us, and I’m proud to be leading the charge in the commercial vehicle space,” Stefan Krause, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of B–ON, remarked, reflecting on the company’s remarkable journey.


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