Bechtel selected by First Student to design and build EV charging stations

What’s Happening: Bechtel, a leading engineering and construction company, has been chosen by First Student, the largest provider of student transportation services in North America, to support its electrification efforts. Bechtel will be responsible for designing and building charging stations for one of First Student’s electrification projects in the United States. The two companies plan to collaborate on additional electric vehicle deployments in the future, with Bechtel providing engineering, procurement, and construction services.

Why It Matters: As the transportation industry continues to move towards electrification, companies like Bechtel are playing an important role in providing the necessary infrastructure. With Bechtel’s expertise in designing and building electric vehicle charging stations, First Student can focus on their core business of safely transporting students. The electrification of school buses not only has environmental benefits but can also improve efficiency and require less maintenance.

Key Points:

  • First Student has selected Bechtel to design and build charging stations for one of their electrification projects in the United States.
  • First Student plans to convert 30,000 of their buses to electric by 2035, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and positively impacting the health and well-being of the communities they serve.
  • Bechtel provides a range of services in the electrification market, including feasibility studies, site selection, front-end engineering design, procurement services, construction management, and project management.
  • Bechtel’s portfolio of sustainability projects includes electrifying transportation systems, expanding renewables, transitioning from coal to gas, improving energy efficiencies, decarbonizing existing infrastructure, deploying zero-emission nuclear energy, switching to zero-emission hydrogen fuel, and generating energy storage solutions.

Bottom Line: Bechtel’s partnership with First Student is a significant step towards the electrification of school buses in North America. By providing engineering, procurement, and construction services for EV charging infrastructure, Bechtel is helping companies like First Student focus on their core business while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving efficiency.


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