Boulder City, Nevada Boosts Its EV Infrastructure with TurnOnGreen Charging Stations

What’s Happening

TurnOnGreen, Inc. has announced the successful installation of four public access charging stations at the Civic Center in Boulder City, Nevada. These stations, part of the city’s efforts to expand its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, will serve city employees, local businesses, residents, and tourists.

Why It Matters

Boulder City, located 20 miles from Las Vegas, is a prominent tourist hub known for attractions such as the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Black Canyon, and the Colorado River. The installation of these charging stations, equipped with the high-power EVP700G EV chargers from TurnOnGreen, is a strategic move in boosting e-mobility tourism. Users can activate these chargers through the TurnOnGreen App, RFID cards, or a unique QR code on each charger.

Key Points

Marcus Charuvastra, TurnOnGreen President, expressed his excitement over the collaboration with Bombard Electric in expanding Boulder City’s EV charging infrastructure. He emphasized the city’s strategic location along a significant tourism corridor linking Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam. Charuvastra believes this expansion will encourage the adoption of zero-emission vehicles and contribute to reducing greenhouse gases in the southwest.

TurnOnGreen provides scalable EV charging solutions to various entities across North America, including homes, businesses, and fleets. Its offerings encompass EV charging hardware, management software, and network services, enabling users to monetize, track, and report charger usage. The company prides itself on its high-standard, Energy Star Certified systems, backed by internationally recognized safety and performance certificates.

The Company’s CEO, Amos Kohn, reiterated TurnOnGreen’s commitment to aiding cities, counties, and states in their efforts towards affordable EV charging solutions. He sees these efforts as a significant step in promoting e-mobility tourism and bolstering tourism revenue.

Bottom Line

This project comes at a time when the popularity of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) is on the rise. Kelley Blue Book reported a 65% surge in BEV sales in the US in 2022, outperforming overall auto sales, which saw an 8% decline. With its latest move in Boulder City, TurnOnGreen is poised to leverage this growing trend, supporting the growth of e-mobility and sustainability in the region.


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