bp pulse and OK Produce Complete Electrification Phase

bp pulse and OK Produce have successfully wrapped up the first phase of OK Produce’s fleet electrification project. This initiative forms part of a broader plan to augment sustainability and reduce carbon footprint by embracing eco-friendly transportation.

Why It Matters

OK Produce, a prominent distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in California, shows its dedication to environmental consciousness by choosing to electrify its fleet. Partnering with bp pulse, a leader in EV charging solutions, signals a shift in the industry towards more sustainable operations.

Key Points

  • The phase one infrastructure includes:
    • 10 Freightliner EV trucks
    • 3 Orange EV yard tractors
    • 9 Heliox charging stations
    • Integration of bp pulse’s Omega charging management software
  • The Omega software by bp pulse ensures cost-effective energy consumption and simplifies charging operations.
  • Vic Shao, the president of bp pulse fleet, emphasized the role of Omega software in enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating future expansion.
  • Since its inception of the sustainability program in 2001, OK Produce has been dedicated to environmental responsibility, boasting the installation of 4.5 megawatts of solar power with over 12,000 PV panels.
  • CEO of OK Produce, Brady Matoian, expressed the importance of collaborating with a dependable partner like bp pulse for a streamlined electrification process.

Bottom Line

Looking ahead, bp pulse will initiate the second phase of the project in early 2024. This phase aims to further reduce carbon emissions by integrating solar energy sources. Partnerships with entities like Pacific Solar and ABB will play a crucial role, enabling the addition of 27 more electric vehicles to OK Produce’s fleet, raising the total count to 36. Matoian reaffirmed OK Produce’s commitment to environmentally-friendly operations, viewing the fleet as a primary area for green improvements. The collaboration in the first phase is just the beginning of a sustainable journey that OK Produce is eager to continue.


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