BrightDrop Celebrates Spring Milestones: New Customers, Sold-Out Zevo 600 Model, and Expanding Production

What’s Happening: BrightDrop, a General Motors subsidiary focused on commercial electric vehicles (EVs), is celebrating several milestones this spring. The company has begun shipping over 500 Zevo 600s built in Q1 at its recently opened CAMI Assembly facility in Ontario, Canada. BrightDrop also announced that its model year 2023 Zevo 600 is sold out, and Ryder, a new customer, plans to add 4,000 BrightDrop EVs to their rental and lease fleet through 2025.

Why It Matters: BrightDrop’s achievements demonstrate strong demand for commercial EVs and contribute to the global push for sustainable transportation. The company’s rapid growth and customer base across various industries, including retail, rental, parcel delivery, and service-based utilities, highlight the increasing interest in electric delivery vans.

BrightDrop Celebrates Spring Milestones: New Customers, Sold-Out Zevo 600 Model, and Expanding Production

Key Points:

  • In just two years, BrightDrop has secured over 30 commercial customers, such as FedEx, Walmart, Hertz, DHL Express, Purolator, American Tire Distributors, WasteNot Compost, and Rexel USA.
  • The company set a record for the fastest-ever plant conversion for GM and aims to reach a 50,000-unit annual volume capacity by 2025.
  • BrightDrop’s unique structure as a startup within an industry leader enables it to focus on cutting-edge innovation and agility while leveraging GM’s assets, scale, and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Reservations for model year 2024 vehicles are open, with deliveries expected to begin by mid-2023.

Bottom Line: BrightDrop’s recent milestones underscore its commitment to help customers achieve their sustainability goals by rapidly scaling up EV production. As the company continues to grow, it is poised to play a significant role in the ongoing transformation of commercial delivery and logistics, ultimately contributing to the fight against climate change.


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