BYD Achieves 5 Million New Energy Vehicles

BYD, a dominant force in the realm of new energy vehicles and power batteries, has reached a significant milestone with the production of its 5 millionth new energy vehicle, the DENZA N7. This feat makes BYD the first global automaker to attain this benchmark.

Why It Matters

The Chairman and President of BYD, Wang Chuanfu, acknowledged this landmark by expressing gratitude to the global customers for their trust, industry partners for shared journeys, and the entire workforce of BYD whose commitment has made this milestone achievable.

Key Points

  • It took BYD 13 years to produce their first million new energy vehicles, 18 months to reach the three million mark, and remarkably, only 9 more months to achieve the five million mark.
  • BYD’s new energy vehicle sales in 2022 surpassed 1.86 million.
  • By July 2023, cumulative sales for the year reached 1.5 million units, including 92,469 units sold overseas, outdoing the total overseas sales of 2022.
  • As of July 2023, BYD’s cumulative global sales for new energy vehicles exceed 4.8 million.
  • Since 2010, BYD has expanded its worldwide footprint, launching electric buses and taxis in over 400 cities across 70 countries.
  • The BYD ATTO 3 model has led to new energy vehicle sales in Thailand, Israel, and Singapore.
  • In July 2023, BYD proclaimed plans to inaugurate three new factories in Brazil.

Bottom Line

From its inception in 1995, BYD has persistently pioneered technology, driving innovations that have transformed the industry. In 2022 alone, BYD’s R&D investments surpassed RMB 20 billion, marking an outstanding 90.31% growth from the previous year. As of July 2023, with a strong R&D team of over 90,000 professionals, the company has filed more than 40,000 global patents, with over 28,000 approved. As the future unfolds, BYD’s commitment to environmental sustainability remains unwavering, promising better mobility solutions and leading the charge towards a cooler, more sustainable planet.


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