Canadian Shift to Electrified Vehicles

Volvo Car Canada’s 2024 Mobility Report reveals significant insights into the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among Canadians, showing a growing interest in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric vehicles. Despite economic and infrastructure concerns, a notable 64% of potential car buyers are considering an electrified vehicle for their next purchase within the next five years.

Key Highlights

  • 64% of Canadians consider an EV for their next vehicle, influenced by a mix of environmental benefits and evolving automotive technology.
  • High costs and inadequate charging infrastructure remain significant barriers:
    • 76% state EVs are too expensive.
    • 78% cite insufficient charging facilities as a deterrent.
  • Volvo Car Canada enhances EV accessibility by integrating with Tesla’s Supercharger network, adding 12,000 fast-charge points.
  • The launch of the Volvo EX30, aimed at making electric mobility more accessible and affordable, addresses both cost and environmental concerns.
  • BC residents and young adults (18-34) are most likely to adopt EVs, with interests significantly higher than other demographics.
Canadian Shift to Electrified Vehicles

Addressing Consumer Hesitations

The 2024 Mobility Report indicates that affordability and charging infrastructure are the primary concerns hindering broader EV adoption. Nearly three-quarters of Canadians who are reluctant to purchase an EV point to high costs as a barrier, while infrastructure worries follow closely.

Volvo’s strategic response includes the introduction of the EX30 model, which not only aims at affordability but also boasts the smallest CO2 footprint among Volvo’s lineup. This model represents Volvo’s commitment to addressing consumer needs and adapting to a changing market landscape.

Volvo’s Proactive Measures and Future Plans

Volvo Car Canada has taken significant steps to overcome barriers to EV adoption. In addition to the new charging access via the North American Charging Standard (NACS), the company has seen a robust uptake in EV sales, with electrified models comprising 50% of its total sales in March.

Matt Girgis, Managing Director at Volvo Car Canada, emphasized the importance of expanding the EV market beyond early adopters, focusing on affordability and convenience to attract a broader consumer base. “With the EX30, we offer a gateway to electrified mobility, combined with the advanced safety technology that Volvo is known for,” stated Girgis.

Bottom Line

Volvo Car Canada remains dedicated to its sustainability goals and continues to innovate in response to Canadian consumer needs. As the company moves forward, it plans to expand educational efforts on EV benefits and work closely with stakeholders to improve the EV infrastructure, aiming for a greener and more sustainable future in the automotive industry.

For more details on Volvo’s range of vehicles and their electric initiatives, visit their official website at

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