Cenntro Establishes New California Facility

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Cenntro Inc., a leader in electric commercial vehicles, has announced the opening of a new production and distribution facility in Ontario, California. This strategic move aims to enhance service to the U.S. west coast market, showcasing Cenntro’s commitment to expanding its presence and efficiency in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Key Highlights:

  • New California facility: Supports U.S. west coast market.
  • Full-scale production: Capable of producing LS400 and Metro models.
  • Efficient delivery: Over three dozen LS400 units delivered since June.
  • Strategic shift: Aims to improve production capabilities and customer service.

Cenntro’s Ontario, California assembly and distribution facility is designed to bolster production operations, particularly focusing on the U.S. west coast market. The facility boasts full-scale production capabilities, manufacturing the LS400 and Metro vehicle models for the U.S. market.

Since June, the California facility has successfully assembled and delivered over three dozen LS400 units to customers on the west coast. The proximity of the port to the facility shortens delivery times, supporting Cenntro’s North American sales initiatives and enabling customers to electrify their fleets more efficiently. Meanwhile, Cenntro continues producing the LS400 and Metro models at its Howell, New Jersey facility for the east coast market and is winding down operations at its Jacksonville, Florida facility.

Peter Wang, Chairman and CEO of Cenntro, stated, “With our expanded production capacity in California, Cenntro is positioned for more efficient delivery of our EVs to the west coast market. With this strategic shift, we intend to continue driving sales by improving our production capability and providing fleet customers with the ability to electrify their fleet, reduce their carbon footprint, and significantly lower their cost of operations.”

About Cenntro

Cenntro Inc. (NASDAQ: CENN) is a leading manufacturer and provider of electric commercial vehicles (ECVs). Cenntro’s purpose-built ECVs are designed for a variety of commercial applications, including class 1 to class 4 trucks. The company is developing a global supply chain and enhancing its manufacturing, distribution, and service capabilities. Cenntro continues to advance its product offerings through innovative battery, powertrain, and smart driving technologies. For more information, visit Cenntro’s website.

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