Cenntro Electric Group Expands Reach with New Assembly Plant in Ontario, California

What’s Happening

Cenntro Electric Group Limited, a prominent name in electric vehicle (EV) and alternative fuel technology, has announced its latest strategic expansion in North America with the addition of an assembly plant in Ontario, California. This marks the company’s third US assembly facility, indicating its continual push for a larger domestic footprint. The new assembly plant, currently under preparation, is set to be operational within this quarter.

Why It Matters

The establishment of the Ontario facility underlines Cenntro’s commitment to broadening its market reach, particularly on the West Coast, one of the largest EV markets in the United States. This move comes in the wake of the California Air Resources Board granting certification to both the LS400 and the Metro models. The expansion, therefore, signifies not only an investment in Cenntro’s manufacturing capabilities but also a targeted approach to cater to the burgeoning demand for sustainable transport solutions in forward-thinking regions.

Key Points

The Ontario plant will be joining Cenntro’s two other assembly facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, and Howell, New Jersey. Since their inception in the first quarter of 2023, both sites have moved from pilot production to full-scale assembly, serving Cenntro customers nationwide. The Jacksonville and Howell facilities are responsible for assembling and supporting Cenntro’s North American commercial EV portfolio, including popular models such as the Class 4 LS400, the Metro, and the Teemak. They also enable sales and distribution across the Southeastern and Northeastern regions respectively.

Bottom Line

“The addition of our California facility follows the certification of the LS400 and Metro and allows us to scale sales on the West Coast, a significant market in the U.S. and a region that is highly proactive towards EV and renewable technologies,” said Peter Wang, Cenntro Chairman and CEO. As Cenntro’s assembly facilities in Florida and New Jersey are fully operational and delivering vehicles to customers throughout the United States, the new California plant will serve as a springboard for further West Coast expansion and help solidify Cenntro’s position in the thriving U.S. EV market.


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