Charge in Minutes, Not Hours: Unveiling Prieto’s Ultra-Fast 3D Battery

What’s Happening

Prieto Battery, Inc., a leading innovator in lithium-ion battery technology, has revealed its latest prototype for a patented 3D interdigitated battery, offering superior performance and addressing common drawbacks of conventional batteries. These advancements include a 3-minute hyper-fast charge, operation and charging at extremely low and high temperatures, and an unprecedented non-flammable feature. The performance and safety of Prieto’s battery were confirmed by a reputable third-party battery testing lab.

Why It Matters

As the CEO of Prieto Battery, Inc., Mike Rosenberg, puts it, the new battery technology is a game changer in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Its hyper-fast charging capability, he suggests, is faster than filling up a traditional car’s gas tank. With such a revolutionary leap in charging speed, the issue of range that has long been a hurdle for potential EV buyers is virtually eradicated.

Further, the Prieto 3D battery can endure extreme temperature conditions. It operates and charges in temperatures as low as -30 degrees C and as high as +100 degrees C. This not only enhances the battery’s usability in harsh weather conditions but also instills confidence in EV users, who might otherwise face issues due to conventional batteries’ limitations.

Additionally, thanks to its unique 3D architecture, Prieto’s battery is non-flammable. Safety concerns related to thermal runaways or fires, common with traditional lithium-ion batteries, are substantially mitigated. These transformative features promise to redefine power storage and usage, providing consumers a superior experience.

Key Points

Dr. Amy Prieto, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Prieto Battery, Inc., is the brains behind the novel 3D interdigitated technology that sets their battery apart from traditional 2D batteries. Conventional batteries are trapped in a decades-old design dilemma, juggling between energy storage and fast charging. The revolutionary 3D architecture shortens ion pathways, allowing for hyper-speed charging and significantly increased power and energy storage.

Delivering up to five times the power density and three times the energy density of 2D batteries, Prieto’s battery is highly versatile, catering to various applications from EVs, power tools, medical devices to mobile phones, and small home appliances.

Apart from the technological advancements, Prieto’s battery brings forth cost-effective manufacturing, as the production involves sustainable materials via a straightforward, scalable process, employing a room-temperature water-based electroplating method, eliminating the need for costly environments like dry rooms or clean rooms.

Bottom Line

Prieto Battery, Inc. is now on the path to commercialization, finalizing plans for a pilot manufacturing facility. Their high laboratory manufacturing yield rates, combined with a simple and familiar manufacturing process, present a confident stance towards achieving significantly lower costs than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The company is currently in discussions for manufacturing and applications with potential partners, setting the stage for a potential revolution in the battery technology sector.


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