ChargePoint Introduces NACS Connector Options to Broaden EV Charging Capabilities Nationwide

ChargePoint announces the availability of NACS connector options, marking an innovative step forward for current and future EV charging deployments. The move ensures widespread compatibility and caters to a projected influx of NACS-equipped EVs by 2025.

What’s Happening

ChargePoint Holdings, Inc., a prominent provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has today introduced the availability of NACS connector options. This strategic addition is intended for new orders as well as for existing customers of the CP6000, CPE 250, and Express Plus models.

ChargePoint Introduces NACS Connector Options to Broaden EV Charging Capabilities Nationwide

Why It Matters

The advent of the NACS enabled solutions, alongside the existing J1772 or Combined Charging System (CCS) solutions, allows ChargePoint to accommodate the charging requirements of any EV across all parking spaces. The move highlights ChargePoint’s commitment to stay ahead of evolving market dynamics and meet diverse customer and driver needs.

Key Points

Bill Loewenthal, Chief Product Officer at ChargePoint, underlined the company’s readiness to tackle dynamic market trends, and its preparedness to anticipate customer needs. ChargePoint’s home-based AC line products (CPF50 and the award-winning Home Flex), and its DC line products (Express 250 and Express Plus) are slated for sales or reconfigurations with the NACS connector options later this year. Similarly, the CP6000, ChargePoint’s latest commercial and light fleet product, will have NACS connector options available by early 2024.

Bottom Line

ChargePoint’s addition of the NACS connector options is a strategic move, considering the projected surge of NACS-equipped EVs by 2025. Their mobile app now includes personal location filters for various connectors, including NACS, facilitating EV drivers to conveniently locate the right charging solution. This innovation further underlines ChargePoint’s commitment to offer seamless, integrated charging experiences to its customers and EV drivers alike, while also lowering the cost of repair and maintenance.


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