ChooseEV Acquired by CLEAResult

Austin, TX. – ChooseEV, the most prominent provider of education and market awareness for electric vehicles across North America, has been acquired by CLEAResult. CLEAResult is the largest North American provider of energy efficiency, decarbonization, and energy transition solutions. CLEAResult and ChooseEV have merged to offer a wider range of energy transition solutions, which will accelerate electric vehicle adoption and help create a more sustainable future.

ChooseEV is the largest platform for EV education and serves over 300 utilities in the U.S.A. and Canada. This platform will expand CLEAResult’s Energy Transition practice, providing utilities and businesses with user-friendly EV education tools and easier implementation. It also provides technical assistance for charging and fleet electrification. ChooseEV’s expertise allows consumers to easily compare costs, emissions, find incentives, and make the decision to change.

CLEAResult’s integration with ChooseEV’s platform will allow it to continue to target outreach efforts that promote widespread adoption of EVs. CLEAResult is a great example of clean energy. It recently announced that it will be achieving net-zero emissions by 2025, including converting its own fleet to zero-emission vehicles. ChooseEV, CLEAResult’s Energy Transition company, will be enhanced by the acquisition. This will allow for speed and scalability to make the transition to cleaner, more intelligent energy solutions.

CLEAResult’s innovative addition to its product portfolio and the value of electric energy to potential and current customers extends its product capabilities. It also communicates the importance of achieving net-zero emissions and harnessing the power and efficiency of electric vehicles.


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