Con Edison and Orange & Rockland Partner with to Launch SmartCharge New York Program

What’s Happening: Con Edison and Orange & Rockland have announced a partnership with global electric vehicle (EV) charging software company,, to introduce the SmartCharge New York program. The program will offer cash incentives to EV drivers who charge their vehicles in the utilities’ service areas.

Why It Matters: As the largest EV charging program in the U.S. with over 5,000 vehicles already enrolled, SmartCharge New York sets the stage for the state to achieve its clean transportation objectives. The transportation sector accounts for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in New York. This initiative supports the state’s efforts to reduce emissions and transition towards a cleaner energy future.

Key Points:

  • SmartCharge New York uses’s wireless technology to connect to electric vehicles and chargers across the New York metro area, incentivizing EV drivers to charge during grid-friendly times.
  • The program is open to a wide range of home charger brands, representing over 90% of the market within Con Edison and Orange & Rockland service areas.
  • Participants receive cash back each month through their choice of Venmo or PayPal payments.
  • The program encourages EV owners to charge during “grid-friendly” times, such as midnight to 8 am, and avoid charging during peak demand periods like hot summer afternoons.

Bottom Line: The SmartCharge New York program, powered by, supports New York State’s ambitious clean transportation goals by incentivizing EV drivers to charge their vehicles during grid-friendly times. The partnership between Con Edison, Orange & Rockland, and aims to create a seamless and rewarding experience for EV drivers while contributing to a cleaner energy future for all New Yorkers.


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