DMS-InductEV: Accelerating EV Wireless Charging

Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS) and InductEV have announced a significant partnership aimed at propelling the adoption of high-power wireless charging for commercial vehicles. This strategic collaboration combines DMS’s prowess in manufacturing and supply chain management with InductEV’s innovation in high-speed wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology.

DMS, renowned for its large-scale assembly capabilities in the U.S., will lend its operational expertise to enhance the manufacturing process of InductEV’s hardware, including the in-ground and under-vehicle inductive pads. The alliance is expected to streamline InductEV’s supply chain, fostering a swift response to the escalating demand for its advanced, AI-managed wireless charging solutions.

InductEV, a pioneer in the realm of wireless EV charging, employs clean renewable electricity to power electric commercial fleet vehicles on route. Holding 18 patents with an additional 23 in process, it stands as a global leader in its field. The partnership aims to bolster the production of InductEV’s patented technology, currently operational across North America and Europe, in various locations like Washington State, Indianapolis, Martha’s Vineyard, and Gothenburg, Sweden.

Bruce Smith, Chairman and CEO of Detroit Manufacturing Systems, emphasized the environmental impact of this venture, highlighting its potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. InductEV’s Chairman and CEO, Barry Libert, echoed this sentiment, expressing confidence in DMS’s ability to elevate their AI-managed charging solutions.

The partnership also signifies DMS’s continued commitment to advancing EV technology, as evidenced by their existing involvement in manufacturing components for the Ford EV F-150 Lightning. The synergy between DMS’s manufacturing expertise and InductEV’s innovative wireless charging technology is poised to revolutionize the EV industry, particularly in the commercial sector.

In summary, this collaboration between DMS and InductEV is set to transform the landscape of wireless EV charging. It not only aims to enhance the efficiency and scalability of InductEV’s solutions but also contributes significantly to the reduction of the transportation sector’s carbon footprint, aligning with broader environmental sustainability goals.


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