Eaton Honored at 2024 PACEpilot Awards

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Eaton, a leader in intelligent power management, received the 2024 Automotive News PACEpilot Innovation to Watch award for its advanced 4-speed electrified vehicle (EV) transmission. The award, presented on April 29, highlights notable innovations that have yet to reach the commercial stage but show significant potential in reshaping the automotive and mobility sectors. Eaton’s development offers enhanced performance in electric commercial vehicles, promising improved grades and acceleration.

Key Highlights of Eaton’s Achievement:

  • Award Recognition: Eaton’s 4-speed EV transmission was acknowledged at the prestigious Automotive News PACEpilot awards.
  • Transmission Advantages: This transmission is designed to provide superior handling and speed adjustment capabilities, ensuring better vehicle efficiency and extended battery life.
  • Future Showcasing: The innovative transmission will be displayed at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas, providing an opportunity for firsthand assessments and discussions.

“We are honored to be chosen by the PACEpilot judges to receive this prestigious award,” stated Scott Adams, Senior Vice President, Global Products, Eaton’s Mobility Group. “Our heavy-duty EV transmission is an innovation that is receiving interest from manufacturers around the world who would like to improve the performance of their electrified commercial vehicles.”

The PACEpilot program, now in its fourth year, is instrumental in identifying and promoting emerging innovators within the automotive industry. It encourages suppliers and startups to present groundbreaking products and ideas that could significantly contribute to the industry’s evolution.

Eaton underwent a rigorous evaluation process, which included a comprehensive written application and a virtual pitch session judged by an independent panel. This recognition underscores Eaton’s commitment to innovation and its ongoing efforts to support the transition to renewable energy sources and digitalization.

In addition to its recent accolade, Eaton continues to commit to sustainability and efficient power management. With products ranging from data center solutions to residential utilities, and a history dating back to 1911, Eaton aims to enhance both environmental protection and quality of life on a global scale. For more information about Eaton and its innovative solutions, visit

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