Electreon Sets New World Record for Non-Stop EV Drive

What’s Happening

Electreon recently celebrated a world-first in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, successfully driving a passenger EV non-stop for a record-breaking 1,942 km (1,206 miles) over 100 hours. The vehicle of choice was a TOYOTA RAV4, and the achievement was made possible thanks to Electreon’s ground-breaking Wireless Electric Road technology.

Why It Matters

This landmark event addresses two of the most significant concerns surrounding the adoption of electric vehicles – range anxiety and the limitations of battery size. Electreon’s wireless charging technology eradicates range anxiety by allowing for an endless drive. Furthermore, the demonstration revealed that even a modest 18 kWh battery is no longer a bottleneck for EV adoption. Originally, the Electreon team had anticipated covering around 1,500 km (approximately 932 miles) during their five-day driving rally. However, the final tally exceeded expectations by 33%.

Electreon Sets New World Record for Non-Stop EV Drive

Key Points

The record-setting demonstration was endorsed by Mr. Reuven Rivlin, the tenth President of the State of Israel and honorary President of Electreon. He lauded the achievement as proof of the unlimited potential of Wireless Electric Road technology and a testament to the readiness of the technology for large-scale commercial applications worldwide. Over the course of the event, 56 drivers, including 48 Electreon team members and Israeli racing driver Bar Baruch, took turns behind the wheel of the TOYOTA RAV4-PHEV. The only interruptions were brief pauses for driver changes. The car’s lightweight 18 kWh battery never reached depletion thanks to the continuous charging provided by the Electric Road.

Bottom Line

By achieving almost 2,000 km on a single charge, the wireless EV charging technology demonstrated an extension of at least 26 times the current real-world maximum range of EVs. Dr. Shai Soffer, Israel’s Chief Transportation Scientist, spoke at the celebration event, underlining the transformative power of this technology. The record-setting demonstration displayed the robust potential of wireless charging, which, even with 25% of the track electrified, offers an endless range for any EV. This multi-user charging platform is designed to accommodate vehicles of all sizes and is battery-technology agnostic. Furthermore, by negating the need for large batteries, it not only brings down the total cost of EV ownership and environmental impacts, but also provides unparalleled range extension.

This monumental achievement is Electreon’s first public world record, but the company has already been successfully operating for years, with projects across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Following this record, Electreon is scheduled to install its award-winning technology in downtown Detroit, MI, this summer, which has recently been recognized as one of TIME’s ‘World’s Greatest Places’ for being chosen as the location for the USA’s first electric-vehicle charging road. This reinforces Detroit’s standing as the Motor City, but now for the modern, electrified age.


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