Electreon, Toyota, and Denso Collaborate on Advanced Wireless Vehicle Charging Technology

What’s Happening: Electreon, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Denso Corporation have agreed to jointly develop an advanced wireless vehicle charging kit based on Electreon’s existing technology. The agreement comes after a successful comprehensive technology evaluation in Israel, where technical teams from Toyota and Denso participated.

Why It Matters: The collaboration aims to promote technical development and adoption of wireless charging technology, which could help solve issues related to electrified vehicles, reduce the load on the power grid, and make it easier to incorporate renewable energy sources. Wireless charging technology could eliminate the hassle of charging practice, reduce battery size in electric vehicles (EVs), and extend driving range.

Key Points:

  • The parties will co-develop an aftermarket wireless kit for current electrified vehicles, integrate the wireless technology into new cars, shape the standardization of wireless EV charging, and promote joint pilot projects in Japan, the US, or the EU.
  • Toyota’s goal is to provide solutions for a carbon-neutral society, and the company believes that dynamic wireless charging technology can be one of those solutions.
  • Denso is committed to achieving a carbon-neutral society by reducing CO2 emissions in manufacturing and contributing to the electrification of cars. Partnering with Electreon aligns with Denso’s vision of creating a more efficient and sustainable future.
  • Electreon’s CEO, Oren Ezer, states that the partnership with Toyota and Denso will make wireless charging accessible to a diverse range of drivers and demonstrate the benefits of wireless charging as a cost-effective clean solution for EVs, ultimately reducing their carbon footprint.

Bottom Line: The joint development between Electreon, Toyota, and Denso is expected to revolutionize the automotive industry by providing a smart and efficient way to charge EVs. The collaboration is a testament to their commitment to advancing technology and offering innovative solutions to customers, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable, carbon-neutral society. In the next few months, the parties will execute a detailed joint development agreement for the mentioned activities, paving the way for the future of EV charging.


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