ElectricFish Opens Advanced EV Infrastructure Facility

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ElectricFish has launched a new manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in San Carlos, California. The facility focuses on producing intelligent grid-edge charging solutions to support electric vehicle adoption and enhance community resilience against power outages. This aligns with state and federal goals for domestic clean energy supply chains.

Key Highlights:

  • Primary Product: The 350Squared™, an advanced infrastructure for fast EV charging and energy resilience.
  • Funding: Supported by $1.69 million in grants from the California Energy Commission (CEC).

Summary of the Main Points:

ElectricFish is dedicated to building next-generation distributed energy infrastructure. The new facility in San Carlos will produce the 350Squared™, aimed at accelerating electric vehicle adoption and preparing communities for power outages due to climate change. Supported by significant grants from the CEC, the facility will cater to various sectors, including fleet charging depots and government uses. The company plans to expand its workforce by 300% by April 2025.

Statements and Quotes:

“California has some of the country’s most ambitious goals for electrifying transportation and providing resilient infrastructure to support historically disadvantaged communities. ElectricFish’s innovative products will help California meet its bold clean transportation goals while creating new manufacturing jobs in California,” said David Hochschild, Chair of the California Energy Commission (CEC).

Product and Capabilities:

ElectricFish’s new facility will begin immediate production of the 350Squared™, the industry’s most advanced combined fast EV charging and energy resilience infrastructure. This product supports a growing pipeline of installations nationwide, ranging from fleet depots to national parks and military facilities.

“ElectricFish is tackling the need for more high-speed EV charging and doing it in a way that is easier on the grid and can be deployed faster, while also creating new manufacturing jobs right here on the Peninsula in one of the industries of the future. We need a lot more innovators like ElectricFish in the fight against climate change,” said California State Senator Josh Becker.

Pilot Projects and Achievements:

ElectricFish has successfully completed pilot projects with the National Park Service, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. These projects showcase the system’s ability to unlock DC fast charging in grid-constrained sites quickly and provide backup energy for critical onsite loads.

Awards and Recognition:

ElectricFish and its founders have received multiple awards, including:

  • Department of Homeland Security – Clean Power for Hours Challenge: Innovator Award
  • 2022 Edison Awards – Silver, Transportation and Infrastructure Safety
  • 2022 Stanford Global Energy Heroes
  • 2023 Poets & Quants Most Disruptive MBA Startups
  • CEO Anurag Kamal named to Business Insider’s 35 Under 35: Meet 2022’s rising stars of the electric-vehicle industry
  • Co-founders Folasade Ayoola and Anurag Kamal named to Forbes 30 Under 30 – Energy (2022)

Funding and Future Prospects:

Besides grants from the CEC, ElectricFish has secured funding from various sources, including the Department of Energy, Caltech Rocket Fund, Michigan Mobility Funding Platform, 2023 Oxford Seed Fund, and 2023 Third Derivative.

“For the first time, we’re introducing an energy asset that boosts grid security while reducing the costs of deploying extremely fast EV charging,” said Anurag Kamal, CEO of ElectricFish. “We understand that customers and communities value future-proofing their energy infrastructure with products that make reliable, resilient power available to everyone. Manufactured domestically in the US, we are here to deploy infrastructure faster than anything the industry has ever seen.”

About ElectricFish:

Founded in 2019, ElectricFish specializes in distributed energy infrastructure powered by advanced machine learning software. The company’s flagship product, the 350Squared™, provides industry-leading EV fast charging and community resilience, particularly in grid-constrained areas. For more information, visit www.electricfish.co.

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