Electrify America: Behind the Scenes at “Center of Excellence”

Electrify America’s “Center of Excellence” technology and innovation lab is where some of the brightest minds in the industry work to anticipate and further develop the future of e-mobility.

In this behind-the-scenes video, Electrify America gives an insider’s perspective of the forward-looking effect this team of engineers and technicians is having on the electric vehicle (EV) industry… all from its technology lab near the company’s Reston, VA headquarters.

The Center of Excellence: Driving the Electric Vehicle Industry Forward

Electrify America is constantly working to optimize the customer experience and anticipate the needs of the electric mobility future through innovation and the technology lab is at the heart of these efforts. The Center of Excellence technology team is able to test network updates, new charging standards, new and existing hardware, and the charging capabilities of pre-production and prototype electric vehicles prior to market launch, as well as diagnose and solve issues seen on the Electrify America network.

Accelerating the deployment of advanced charging technology is paramount to Electrify America’s goal to drive adoption of electric vehicles.  In collaboration with suppliers and automakers, Electrify America has pioneered technologies that have helped transform the high-speed charging experience for customers of today and tomorrow. 

Key Innovations Developed at the Center of Excellence

  • Ultra-Fast Chargers – The first network to widely deploy high-powered chargers capable of delivering up to 350 kilowatts (kW) with a forward looking lens toward future vehicle capabilities. 
  • Liquid-Cooled Cables – High-powered charging generates heat, and Electrify America engineered a solution. Our award winning liquid-cooled cables have been tested and certified at the Center of Excellence.  The cooling is a key factor in enabling higher-amperage charging without a significant increase in the cable thickness for charging power at and above 150kW and up to 500 amps.
  • Plug & Charge – The first network to make this technology available to multiple automakers.  Plug & Charge technology simplifies the payment method allowing customers with capable vehicles and a payment method set up with their vehicle manufacturer to plug in and pay without opening an app or wallet.  Compatibility testing with automakers is key to a seamless charging experience.

Additional Center of Excellence Highlights

  • Being an open or nonproprietary network means more complexity to deliver a successful charging experience with multiple automakers.
  • A world-class electric vehicle testing and development facility with engineers and technicians dedicated to charger testing, development, and diagnosis.
  • Since beginning operations in 2017, engineers and technicians have conducted more than 8,000 hours of interoperability tests on production and prototype EVs from nearly all vehicle manufacturers.
  • The Center of Excellence has a wide variety of EVs available to continually test production vehicles at a rapid pace, without relying on the automakers to supply their vehicles.
  • The Center plays an active role in the testing and development of charging software for almost every electric vehicle currently available in the Unites States and Canada.
  • Automakers that have collaborated with Electrify America on customer charging agreements – 14 to-date – can also work with Electrify America to use this facility for testing.
  • All network technology undergoes regular testing, from 150kW and 350 kW DC fast chargers to battery energy storage systems and the  HomeStation by Electrify Home.
  • Electrify America’s mobile app, which provides a ‘one stop’ solution for EV drivers, has also undergone extensive system instrumentation and development within the Center of Excellence.
  • Engineers conduct extensive usability and user experience testing to best understand and meet customer expectations for Electrify America’s digital product and charging overall.
  • The Center of Excellence team works side-by-side with the company’s 24/7 Customer Contact Center and 24/7 Network Operations Center team of engineer to monitor customer experience and network sessions to ensure reliability. In addition to this effort, feedback is collected from hundreds of current and potential EV drivers interviewed via focus groups and surveys.


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