Electrify America’s CEO-Elect Robert Barrosa Completes Cross-Country EV Road Trip in Preparation for Leadership Role

What’s Happening

On the cusp of assuming his new role as President and CEO of Electrify America on June 1, Robert Barrosa, the current Vice President of Technology, completed a cross-country road trip using exclusively Electrify America’s charging stations.

Why It Matters

The seven-day journey, which coincided with Electrify America’s fifth anniversary, was not only an immersive experience for Barrosa but also a testament to the company’s extensive charging network. Despite his extensive experience with Electrify America and the electric vehicle (EV) industry, Barrosa undertook the trip to gain first-hand knowledge of the company’s operations on the ground, especially the charging network, and to engage with customers in real-time.

Key Points

During his journey, Barrosa traveled nearly 2,800 miles from March 31 to April 6, driving a Hyundai IONIQ 5 from Los Angeles, CA to Electrify America’s headquarters in Reston, Virginia. He made stops at 28 Electrify America charging stations across 13 states along the way.

“My charging experiences across the country were generally seamless, through rain and sunshine, daytime and nighttime,” shared Barrosa. “Customer experience remains a top priority, and we will be focused on continuous improvements.”

Bottom Line

Since its first charging station in Chicopee, MA opened in May 2018 with 350 kW chargers, the company has expanded its presence into 46 states and the District of Columbia. The company has been investing in EV education, workforce development programs, and equitable charging access, averaging the opening of three new charging stations per week. This results in more than 800 stations and over 3,500 chargers installed.

“We’re at a pivotal moment five years in,” Barrosa observed. “As the adoption of electric vehicles grows, Electrify America needs to continue leading the way for charging infrastructure to scale in parallel. We have come a very long way in educating consumers and building range confidence through our coast-to-coast network of DC fast chargers. I’m looking forward to leading Electrify America into the future.”


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