Electrify Canada’s Network Expansion

Electrify Canada announces its strategic expansion into New Brunswick with the introduction of hyper-fast charging stations in Grand Falls, Saint John, and Woodstock. This move marks a significant development in the network’s growth, extending Electrify Canada’s reach and supporting the rising number of electric vehicle (EV) drivers in the province. Positioned in accessible locations, these stations are equipped with next-generation Direct Current (DC) fast chargers, aiming to enhance the EV charging infrastructure and promote zero-emission transportation across Canada.

Key Highlights:

  • New Charging Locations: Grand Falls, Saint John (coming soon), and Woodstock.
  • Innovative Features: Next-generation chargers with solar canopies at Grand Falls and Woodstock stations.
  • Expanding Network: Now operating in six provinces, with plans for Nova Scotia in 2024.
  • User-Friendly Services: Kilowatt-hour billing, Electrify Canada mobile app, and 24-hour customer support.
  • Future Plans: Addition of the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector.

Electrify Canada’s expansion into a new province underscores our dedication to propelling the electric vehicle future forward,” stated Ben Moore, senior manager, site development & construction. This expansion is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing accessible, fast charging solutions that cater to the growing community of EV drivers in Canada.

The network now spans six provinces, including Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan, with imminent plans to venture into Nova Scotia. The addition of the Saint John location, coupled with recent openings in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, further solidifies it’s dedication to building a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure nationwide.

The new pricing structure introduced by Electrify Canada enables customers to pay based on the amount of energy used, facilitating a more transparent and straightforward charging experience. With the aid of the Electrify Canada mobile app, users can manage their charging sessions effortlessly, benefitting from contactless payment options and real-time session tracking.

As part of its continuous effort to enhance EV charging solutions, Electrify Canada will incorporate the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector across its network, reinforcing its mission to support the transition to electric mobility.

For more information and updates on Electrify Canada and its services, visit Electrify-Canada.ca.

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