ENGIE Group Takes Charge in Electric Mobility with New Brand, ENGIE Vianeo

ENGIE Group, a global energy transition leader, bolsters its commitment to electric mobility with the launch of its new brand, ENGIE Vianeo, aiming to deploy 12,000 electric vehicle charging points across France by 2025.

What’s Happening

ENGIE Group, a world leader in the energy transition, has unveiled ENGIE Vianeo, a new brand aimed at advancing electric mobility. With over 10 million electric vehicles sold globally in 2022 and a 35% increase anticipated in 2023, ENGIE plans to leverage this upward trend and be a driving force in the decarbonization of the transport sector.

Why It Matters

As a strategic move to meet the burgeoning demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, ENGIE Vianeo’s mission starts this summer. It aims to cater to electric vehicle users in France, aiding local authorities, businesses, landowners, and logistics and fleet managers to rise to the decarbonization challenge. This initiative will allow consumers to benefit from zero-emission travel, hence propelling the shift towards a lower-emission mobility model.

Key Points

From June, the ENGIE Vianeo brand will start appearing across 1,000 existing charge points throughout France, including more than 800 on major motorway networks and several urban areas. It will also be visible at various hotel and car service sites, offering a complete suite of mobility solutions that extend beyond charging infrastructure to include power supply, maintenance, and servicing.

By 2025, ENGIE Vianeo aims to have an additional 11,000 electric charge points available to drivers in France. These points will offer 300kW charges at competitive prices, all powered by 100% green energy from renewable sources such as hydro, wind, and solar.

Bottom Line

Frank Lacroix, Executive Vice President Energy Solutions at ENGIE Group, stated that the launch of ENGIE Vianeo is a crucial step in the Group’s strategy to accelerate its contribution to the decarbonization of mobility and establish itself as a sector leader. To make the EV driving experience seamless, ENGIE Vianeo is providing a website and mobile app featuring real-time interactive maps of all charging points, smart route planners, and multiple transparent payment options, encapsulating the Group’s commitment to a sustainable and user-friendly mobility future.


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