Enhanced ID.3 Pro S: Powerful Electric Upgrade

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Volkswagen has unveiled a significant upgrade for its all-electric ID.3 model, introducing a suite of advanced features designed to enhance driving experience and performance. The new ID.3 Pro S now boasts a more powerful motor, innovative infotainment systems, and optimized charging capabilities, confirming Volkswagen’s commitment to expanding its electric vehicle offerings.

Key Highlights

  • Increased Power and Efficiency: The ID.3 Pro S’s electric motor now offers up to 170 kW (231 PS), enhancing its performance and extending the driving range to approximately 559 kilometers (WLTP).
  • Advanced Infotainment and Controls: A new generation of infotainment system features a 12.9-inch touchscreen, intuitive menu structures, and integration with the IDA voice assistant powered by natural language processing.
  • Enhanced Charging System: With a DC charging capacity of up to 175 kW, the ID.3 Pro S can significantly reduce charging times, especially with its thermally pre-conditioned battery functionality.
  • Sophisticated Driver Assistance: Standard features include Adaptive Cruise Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking, and the new enhanced Travel Assist leveraging swarm data for improved navigation and safety.
  • Exclusive Sound Experience: An optional 480-watt sound system from Harman Kardon offers customizable audio settings, enhancing the acoustic environment inside the vehicle.
Enhanced ID.3 Pro S: Powerful Electric Upgrade

The ID.3 Pro S now integrates the latest software and infotainment generation into Volkswagen’s electric compact class, highlighted by the augmented reality head-up display and the introduction of a new Wellness App. This app utilizes vehicle features like lighting and sound to create a comfortable driving atmosphere.

Imelda Labbé, a board member responsible for Sales, Marketing, and After Sales at Volkswagen, emphasized the model’s evolution: “The ID.3 Pro S represents the consistent further development of our product portfolio based on the needs of our customers.”

In terms of user interface, the ID.3 product line has been redesigned for ease of use. The new infotainment system simplifies interactions while the steering wheel and other controls have been reconfigured for intuitive operation.

Furthermore, the ID.3 Pro S supports efficient journey management with its improved e-route planner and battery preconditioning options, crucial for enhancing electric vehicle usability. The vehicle’s faster charging capabilities ensure that drivers can cover long distances with minimal downtime, complemented by automated pre-conditioning when approaching charging stations.

New safety and convenience features include a lane keeping system, oncoming vehicle braking, and the innovative Car2X traffic hazard alert, which provides early warnings of road incidents.

As Volkswagen continues to expand its electric vehicle lineup, the ID.3 Pro S stands out with its combination of power, advanced technology, and user-centric enhancements, setting a new standard in the electric compact car segment.

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