EV Connect Unveils Advanced Platform for EV Charging

EV Connect, a front-runner in the EV charging business platform, has introduced its new EV Connect Service Platform. This comprehensive platform is tailored for electric vehicle (EV) charging businesses, providing them with a robust suite of tools and services to optimize revenue, manage chargers, and offer superior driver support.

Why It Matters

The rise in companies venturing into and expanding within the EV charging sector necessitates advanced platforms that can handle the industry’s complexities. The EV Connect Service Platform not only aids businesses in establishing and scaling their EV charging operations but also equips them with diverse monetization options. This ensures that service providers can oversee every facet of their business, from branding and operations to maintenance and revenue.

Key Points

  • Versatility: The platform is suitable for businesses at any stage, whether they’re just starting or looking to expand.
  • Comprehensive Toolset: Beyond basic charging station services, businesses can tap into new revenue opportunities with advanced management tools and real-time data.
  • Enhanced Offerings: Users can implement sophisticated pricing strategies, manage equipment upkeep, provide top-tier phone support, and oversee customer renewals.
  • Industry Knowledge: With over 14 years in the EV charging network domain, EV Connect offers a wealth of industry insights and has partnerships with over 20 leading EV charging equipment manufacturers.
  • Endorsement: IPOWER Alliance, known for its dedication to intelligent solutions, has expressed excitement about collaborating with EV Connect to offer unparalleled support to its clientele.

Bottom Line

EV Connect’s new Service Platform is set to revolutionize the EV charging business landscape. As Seth Cutler, COO at EV Connect, points out, the key to a successful branded charging network lies in superior management software and seasoned partners. EV Connect aims to expedite the global growth and adoption of electric mobility by equipping businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive. To gain deeper insights into how the company is transforming the EV charging business model, interested parties are encouraged to join it’s webinar on August 9th, 2023, at 9 am PT.


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