EVBox Livo Integrates with TQ EMS

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EVBox Livo, a prominent AC residential charger, has successfully integrated with TQ-Systems, enhancing smart home energy ecosystems. This collaboration marks a significant step in the integration of Energy Management Systems (EMS) with electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, leveraging the EEBus communication protocol.

EVBox, a leader in EV charging technology, has been rigorously testing various EMS manufacturers, including TQ-Systems, to ensure compatibility and efficiency. This effort is part of a broader initiative to integrate their home charging station, EVBox Livo, and their commercial counterpart, EVBox Liviqo, with different EMS platforms.

The integration with TQ’s EEBus-capable EMS allows EV owners to optimize energy usage, notably with renewable sources like solar panels, battery storage, and heat pumps. This not only enables cost savings on energy bills but also facilitates a more effective use of renewable energy in households. EVBox Livo’s compatibility with an expanding range of EEBus-capable EMS providers, including TQ, offers homeowners a versatile approach to managing their energy sources.

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Both EVBox and TQ champion the EEBus protocol as a universal language for energy management, simplifying the communication among various electrical components. This standardization is crucial as electric mobility becomes increasingly prevalent. Homeowners across Europe are now adopting electrification methods in their homes to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs. EEBus stands ready for future advancements in energy management, easing the strain of EV charging on electricity grids. EVBox Livo’s use of EEBus ensures seamless integration with TQ-Systems’ home EMS platform, offering a plug-and-play solution that is grid operator compatible.

Enhancing Smart Energy Utilization, TQ’s EMS effectively utilizes solar energy by prioritizing EV charging during periods of surplus electricity production. This approach reduces reliance on the grid and curtails high energy expenses. Easy pairing with TQ’s energy manager is achievable through the EVBox Install app, negating the need for additional hardware.

Thomas Zwanziger, Head of Business Unit TQ-Automation at TQ-Group, and Rombout Heesterman, Director of Product Management, Home Charging at EVBox, have both emphasized the significance of the EEBus standard in promoting interoperability and optimizing energy management in the era of electric mobility.

About TQ-Group: Founded in 1994, TQ-Group, with over 2,200 employees, is a leading technology service provider in Germany, offering innovative solutions in various sectors, including e-mobility and energy management.

About EVBox: EVBox, committed to building a sustainable future, leads the market in EV charging infrastructure, having delivered over 550,000 charging ports worldwide. Their product range includes solutions for residential, commercial, and fast-charging network applications, supported by comprehensive charging management software.

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