EVBox Unveils Rebrand to Reflect Accelerating Electric Mobility Landscape

What’s Happening: EVBox, a pioneer in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry since 2010, has announced a complete rebranding to reflect the rapidly changing electric mobility landscape. The rebranding includes a new logo, color palette, and brand characteristics to better align with the company’s current identity and future aspirations.

Why It Matters: The shift in EVBox’s brand identity is a reflection of the growing momentum for mass-market adoption of electric mobility. As the industry evolves, companies like EVBox must adapt to stay relevant and maintain a leadership position in providing innovative EV charging solutions.

Key Points:

  • EVBox was founded in 2010 to shape the electric vehicle revolution, which has seen significant growth in the past decade.
  • The rebranding process, which began over a year ago, was entirely developed in-house, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation.
  • The new brand characteristics include “Be Bold,” “Think Sophisticated,” and “Keep It Simple,” emphasizing EVBox’s dedication to challenging the status quo, leveraging experience, and making electric mobility accessible.
  • EVBox’s new logo is modern and simple, with a skewed “V” symbolizing forward momentum and the connected “E” and “V” representing connectivity.
  • The company’s updated color palette features green as the primary color, reflecting EVBox’s commitment to powering a sustainable future.

Bottom Line: EVBox’s rebranding signifies the company’s readiness to embrace the accelerating electric mobility landscape and adapt to the demands of an increasingly complex industry. By revamping its brand identity, the company aims to continue leading the charge in developing innovative, user-friendly, and sustainable EV charging solutions for a growing global market.


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