EVgo to Halve Charging Station Installation Time

EVgo Inc., a leading public fast-charging network for electric vehicles in the U.S., has unveiled its innovative prefabrication model for fast charger deployment. This method aims to drastically reduce both the installation time and construction costs of new fast-charging stations at eligible sites.

Why It Matters

The acceleration in EV infrastructure deployment is vital to cater to the growing demand for public charging. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, efficient and quick installation processes, like the one introduced by EVgo, become paramount in ensuring timely infrastructure development.

Key Points

  • Installation Efficiency: With the new approach, the average installation time is expected to decrease by 50%.
  • Cost Reduction: Construction costs for these stations are estimated to drop by an average of 15%.
  • Scalable Design: The prefabrication model offers a modular design starting with six fast-charging stalls, allowing easy expansion for greater resiliency.
  • Enhanced User Experience: New features include:
    • Wi-Fi infrastructure integration for improved cellular connectivity.
    • A design that’s ready to accommodate lighting, security cameras, and canopies for shade and protection.
    • A synthetic turf covering on the skid frame to cushion and protect connectors.
  • Consistent Assembly: All charging equipment is assembled onto a single base frame in a controlled environment before shipment, ensuring consistent quality.
  • Speedier Deployment: The prefabrication allows for pre-commissioning at the fabrication facility, leading to even faster deployment timelines.

Bottom Line

The rapid growth of the electric vehicle sector necessitates a proportional rise in charging infrastructure. Dennis Kish, COO of EVgo, emphasizes that innovations like this prefabrication model are essential to build the required infrastructure, noting a potential need for over 300,000 fast chargers by 2030, up from the current 30,000. With projects already underway in multiple states and the first prefabricated station set to begin construction in Texas this month, EVgo is positioning itself at the forefront of EV infrastructure development. The company anticipates the first station to be operational by February 2024 and plans further expansion throughout the year.


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