FedEx Boosts Fleet with EV Trucks

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The Shyft Group, Inc., a frontrunner in North American specialty vehicle manufacturing, recently secured a significant purchase from FedEx. This deal involves the integration of 150 Blue Arc™ EV Trucks into FedEx’s U.S. pickup and delivery operations, set to commence deliveries in late 2024. Both companies emphasize this collaboration as a stride towards their environmental commitments by adopting commercial-grade electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce carbon emissions and diminish urban air pollution.

Key Highlights:

  • FedEx Order: 150 Blue Arc™ EV Trucks for U.S. operations
  • Delivery Start: Scheduled for late 2024
  • Pilot Testing: Vehicles proved efficient under harsh conditions
  • Environmental Impact: Initiative part of FedEx’s goal for a fully electric fleet by 2040

FedEx’s testing phase included deploying these vehicles on last-mile delivery routes in Memphis, with the trucks enduring extreme temperatures and lengthy daily routes. “As we work towards the phased electrification of our entire global pickup and delivery fleet by 2040, FedEx is eager to incorporate new and efficient electric vehicle models that meet the demands of our diverse network,” said Pat Donlon, Vice President of Global Vehicles at FedEx Express.

John Dunn, President and CEO of The Shyft Group, highlighted the collaboration’s role in refining their commercial-grade EV strategy. “Customer satisfaction is core to our operations and we look forward to seeing these vehicles on the road for FedEx, reflecting our mutual commitment to innovation and sustainability,” Dunn remarked.

The Blue Arc truck’s design promotes seamless fleet integration, showcasing reliable long-route performance, efficient energy usage, and a regenerative braking system that recaptures 20-30 kW of power. Drivers noted the truck’s maneuverability and comfort, emphasizing its superiority over traditional gas vehicles.

“Our Work-Driven Design® process is fundamental to our innovation, ensuring we incorporate direct feedback from those who use our vehicles daily,” added Dunn. This approach has significantly boosted the productivity and satisfaction of drivers and fleet operators.

About The Shyft Group: Based in North America, The Shyft Group leads in specialty vehicle manufacturing and assembly, catering to a diverse range of clients including delivery services, government agencies, and various commercial sectors. The group encompasses several brands like Blue Arc™ EV Solutions and Utilimaster®, among others, noted for their robust quality, durability, and innovative solutions in the specialty vehicle industry. With approximately 3,000 employees across multiple facilities in the U.S. and Mexico, The Shyft Group continues to expand its influence and operational capacity, aiming for sustainable and innovative market solutions.

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